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What's inside Issue #3 (Spring 2022)

Hussy Quickies:

  • The Allure of the Local Dive Bar by @papschop
  • Sticky Pages to Sticky Screens by Bo Nuhr
  • Pay Your Fucking Dues by @nick_oddrod
  • Is Fingering a Lost Art Form? By @miabellafica

Babe feature:
In Fabulous Las Vegas with Vinnie Von Vintage

The Hussy Fun Pages:
Filled with random facts, jokes, pick up lines, boob games, and just all around silliness!

Babe feature:
Get to Know Queen Eastcoast

Building Cool Ass Shit with Jerry Cerqua of 812, Inc.

Babe feature:
Hussy Magazine’s pinup contest winner Sky Curran

Babe feature:
Hussy Butt Stuff World Champion Elephant Graveyard

Collecting Bettie Page by @houseofbettie

Issue 3’s Featured Babe:
Kitchen Cuties with Jessica Habit and Valerie Diamond

Babe feature:
Ginny Rosewater

Babe feature:
The sexy and milky Tahlia Jade

Babe feature:
Cuddle time with Victoria Cunningham

Booze feature:
The Perfect Blend: Speakeasy Motors Whiskey Co.

Keyhole Kapers

Artist feature:
Kustom Kulture airbrush art by Jessie Madera

Comic feature:
The Comedy of David Lucas

Men’s magazine artist legend:
Bill Ward - The king of big boob cartoons

Event feature:
Rippin’ It Up at Fuel Cleveland


Hussy Magazine is printed on full color newsprint for that old time feel. Front cover and centerfold will be full color glossy paper, featuring the Hussy babe of the issue.

68 non-stuck-together pages of sexy and manly awesomeness!