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Grand National Roadster Show 2020

Grand National Roadster Show 2020

Starting in 1950, the Grand National Roadster Show is one of the oldest and longest operating shows of HotRods and all things alike, in the United States. In that same year, William NieKamp’s 1929 Roadster won the first “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster”. The ceremony had a total of 45 trophies. Flash forward 70 years, and traditional hot rods are still taking the cake in terms of winning awards.

 The first day, I spent most of my time venturing around Suede Palace, where our booth was located. I saw quite a few awesome rides, but one that stuck out the most was Daniel’s 1930 Coupe sporting a Desoto HEMI on ‘32 Rails. 

The body itself was found in Northern California, after a horrendous fire. He definitely takes the term “HOT Rod” to a whole new level. 

The second day I decided to be a little bit more adventurous, and go out with the Kustoms, and the rest of the car show. 

Being in the beautiful LA weather, the paint jobs on these cars really shined, all while keeping cool. I spent most of my time out on the grass, looking at what everyone brought to the car show. In the midst of Kustoms, and car clubs cooking on little hibachi grills, I noticed Chris's banger coupe sitting excellent under the setting sun. 

By the third day, I was starting to feel the effects of what some would call “Happiness Overload”. I started in the “Then and Now” building, which highlighted the history of drag racing, and the total difference between then and now.

Two of my favorite cars in there, were the Dorman-Koopman AA/Street Roadster and the '28 Chevy Ventura Motors Roadster, both incredibly fascinating old race cars.

Being that both of these roadsters were HEMI powered, it was quite a sight to hear both of these monsters idling next to each other. While having theoretically the same engine, these two cars sounded and drove completely different. The Dorman roadster was more tame, so the owner could drive it on the street, while the Chevy Roadster sounded like "All out War". 

After three long days, it was finally time to leave. I left with the same feeling a little kid has when they leave their favorite theme park. Excited for the next time, but missing the memories that were made. 

Make sure to checkout our full highlight of all three days of the show! 

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Dale Seaholm - February 8, 2020

Nice job fella’s My wife even watched it. Good camera work! Music was good too. www.hotrodarama !!! will be much of the same awesomeness!!!

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